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Average MCAT Scores

Averages are a good way of understanding large amounts of data. Average MCAT scores can be a way of understanding how the number fits into the grand scheme of all applicants and your goals for getting into medical school.


What is the average MCAT score?

Surprisingly, this answer depends. AAMC and the MCAT collect massive amounts of data from test takers and compile them in multiple ways. Strictly speaking, the average MCAT score, or the mean, from all test takers is 500, which is right at the 50th percentile. So for everyone who took the MCAT in April and May 2015, the average score was 500. About half of test takers got above 500 and half got below.

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So I just have to beat the average right?

Not exactly. The score of 500 is the average for all test takers, but being “above average” isn’t necessarily a guarantee for success. The AAMC also compiles data on people who take the MCAT and go on to apply for medical school. We can see that the average MCAT score for those who applied to medical school was 28.3 in the old scoring system, or approximately 505 with the new scoring system, five points higher than the average for all test takers. Presumably, people with lower scores may decide not to apply to medical school, which would bump up the average score of those who did end up applying.

The story of averages doesn’t end there though. As mentioned in the “What is a good MCAT score?” post, the average MCAT score for those who actually enrolled in medical school is even higher, a 31.4 in the old scoring system, which equates to roughly a 510 to 512. This mean that the average score of everyone starting medical school this coming fall is somewhere between 510 and 512 if they took the new MCAT. For those with goals of enrolling at a “top” medical school, the average jumps up again, to 517.


Average MCAT Scores: Summary

Averages require context to have meaning. Below is a chart with the average scores discussed in this post. They are meant to be guides to help assess where you stand in the larger pool of MCAT test takers and medical school applicants. For more about what makes a “good” MCAT score, please visit the “What is a good MCAT score?” post.

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Average MCAT Score for All Test Takers: 500
Average MCAT Score for All Applicants to Medical School: 505
Average MCAT Score for All Matriculants to Medical School: 510-512
Average MCAT Score at “Top” Medical Schools: 517

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