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    Burton is an MCAT blogger. He was an undergraduate at Harvard, where he majored in History before switching gears to pursue a career in medicine. He did a post-baccalaureate and is currently a fourth-year medical student at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University. He is applying for a combined residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Outside of things medical, he's a huge sports fan and loves football, basketball, and baseball.

MCAT Survival Tips

Many of the posts on this blog are directed at studying for the MCAT and preparing for your application to medical school. This post will focus on MCAT survival tips for the actual day of your exam. While there is a lot to do to prepare for the MCAT, there are some actually very practical […]

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Should I Do a Post-Bacc Before Med School?

An increasing number of applicants are doing a post-bacc before medical school. For students in college, there might be a concern about whether or not doing a post-bacc would be beneficial for getting into med school. This post will hopefully help answer some questions about post-baccs, especially if you are asking yourself, “Should I do […]

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Medical School Interview Tips

Hooray! After years of studying in college, preparing for the MCAT with Magoosh, and going through the medical school application process, you’ve received your first invite to interview at a medical school! Now the hard part is over and you just need to ace the interview…right? After getting an interview, the interview itself actually matters MORE […]

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Highest MCAT Score–What is It and How Do I Get It?

With the new MCAT comes a new scoring system and point scale. MCAT 45 is no longer the standard of perfection for aspiring medical students. Students may be wondering about the highest MCAT score–what is it and how do I get it? Highest MCAT Score The first part of the question is much easier to […]

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MCAT Vocabulary Resources

Although the CARS section of the MCAT is notoriously difficult, the English vocabulary you are expected to know is not a huge focus, the way it is on some other exams such as the SAT, ACT, or GRE. However, there is a significant amount of reading and reading comprehension required on the MCAT, and mastery […]

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Does Retaking the MCAT Look Bad?

MCAT test-takers prepare for the exam for weeks and months, hoping to achieve their goal score and have a competitive application to medical school. Sometimes however, the exam score doesn’t go quite the way as anticipated. Students are then wondering if they should retake the MCAT, or if it is bad to retake the MCAT. […]

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Scratch Paper on the MCAT

Scratch paper on the MCAT may seem like a trivial point, but is actually a very important component to doing well. Unlike most standardized exams you may have taken up to this point, the MCAT is both computerized and also has some very stringent security measures. As a result, scratch paper on the MCAT also […]

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Is the MCAT Important?

When applying to medical school, there are so many things that go into an application: GPAs, letters of recommendation, activities, MCAT, etc. It can be hard to understand what is truly important and where to invest your time and energy. In this post, we’ll try to answer the question, “is the MCAT important?”   Is […]

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How to Read an MCAT Score Report

You’ve studied hard, taken the MCAT, and now you’ve received an exciting email saying that your score report is ready. You excitedly open the email, click the link to log in, and see your score report for the first time. It has your name on it and some funny bars graphs alongside the numbers. This […]

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