8 of the Best YouTube Math Videos for Review

YouTube channels are a great resource for students to review and for teachers to use in the classroom. There are lots of YouTube math videos available. Whether you’re looking for videos for elementary school, middle school, high school, or college-level math, here is a list of the best 8 YouTube math video channels out there.

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Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids aims at helping students from preschool to 4th grade. The YouTube channel has videos covering addition, identifying money, counting, subtraction, telling time, and more. Although the subject matter is simple, the videos have great 3D animation that children enjoy. And, the lessons are based on Common Core math standards.


Numberphile is a YouTube channel that’s dedicated to all things numbers. Since its creation in 2011, Brady Haran has gained over 2 million subscribers. The videos are colorful with great graphics used to discuss interesting things about numbers. Some of the top videos include “The Scientific Way to Cut Cake,” “Problems with Zero,” and “The Problem in Good Will Hunting.”


Created in 2010, the Mathademics channel offers videos aimed at elementary and middle school students. The channel primarily focuses on fractions, geometry, and measurement. Some of the videos that you can watch on this channel include “Fractions to Decimals,” “Solving Addition/Subtraction Equations,” and “Greatest Common Factors.”


If you loved School House Rock, you’re going to enjoy NUMBEROCK Math Songs, too. The channel aims their videos at 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. The videos are animated with educational raps and catchy tunes. Students learn about counting, times tables, fractions, measurement, geometry, multiplication, division, and more. The songs can be used to learn new concepts and memorize math facts.

The Video Math Tutor

For basic math lessons, check out the Video Math Tutor channel. It also offers study tips, calculator tips, brain teasers, video flash cards, and more.


Pat McKeague, the owner of XYZ Textbooks and MathTV.com, created the MathTV YouTube channel to provide math help for students. In fact, the channel boasts over 10,000 videos. Some of the topics covered include derivatives, integrals, logarithmic functions, calculus, algebra, study skills, and more.

Math Mammoth

Maria Miller created the Math Mammoth channel in 2006. She creates her videos for students in 1st through 7th grade. The topics you can find on this channel include money, division, geometry, multiplication, graphing, and more.


Steve Goldman and Mark Rodriguez teamed up to create the MyWhyU channel. Before publishing each video online, they take the time to have them reviewed by college math professors. The videos aim at teaching the “why” behind the rules of pre-algebra and algebra. If you’re someone who benefits from knowing the why to help you better understand a concept, this is a great channel for you.

Are there YouTube math videos missing from the list? What are your favorite videos for math review? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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