How to Study for a Math Test and Ace It

Studying is an important way to help master math concepts and ace exams. However, many students struggle with how to study for a math test. If you’re one of them, here are 6 tips you should use to feel better prepared to ace your next math test.

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Read the Textbook

Prepare for class by reading the textbook. This can give you the basics you need to better understand what you’ll learn in class. It can also provide you with examples and explanations that may connect with you better than the teacher’s examples would. Then, prepare for class with questions to ask your teacher. And of course, reread the textbook before taking the exam to keep the ideas fresh on your mind.

Consistently Complete Homework

Homework is a good way to reinforce the concepts taught in class. Whether the teacher assigns homework or not, consider doing it to get the practice you need. Homework allows you to apply what you’ve learned in class and remember the methods needed to solve equations. Then, as the test day gets closer, you can rework homework problems to help you remember what you’ve learned.

Take Notes and Review Them

As the teacher walks through the steps or explains a new formula, be dutiful in your note taking. Include the example problems with step-by-step procedures you can refer to later. Then, review the notes every night after class. (This means that you need to be attending class as often as possible and asking questions when you have them.) Use your notes to review the topics the night before the exam, too. That way, everything is fresh on your mind for the exam.

Create a Study Group

As you study for your math test, consider getting together with a couple of other people from your class. You could take turns teaching a concept to the rest of the study group, reviewing each other’s notes, working through difficult examples, and more. You can benefit from hearing explanations from different people or learning from others who might understand a concept that you’re struggling to master.

Review Out Loud

While reviewing a topic, speaking out loud is a great way to help your brain make connections that will allow you to recall the information later on. So, recruit someone to teach. Or, just teach yourself by rehearsing the ideas out loud.

Memorize Formulas and Steps

Do you need to remember vocabulary terms or formulas? Are there steps you need to recall for the exam? Focus on memorizing these to make things easier for the exam. To memorize what you need to know, you could create flashcards, make up mnemonic devices, or write the formula over and over again while repeating it out loud. Once the exam starts,
you could unload the ideas on your exam or extra paper to refer to as you go through the questions.

If you’re unsure about how to study for a math test, remember that everybody learns differently. As such, everyone studies differently too. Find a way that works for you, so you can ace your next math test.

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  • Jamie Goodwin

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