When Should I Take the Miller Analogies Test

The most important thing is to take the Miller Analogies Test on a date that aligns with your application deadlines. The next most import thing is to schedule your exam date early enough that you get to pick your preferred testing time.

Picking A Date

Check with your school to find out when they need your MAT test scores by. This information is almost always accessible through their online admissions page. Contact them directly if you cannot locate it.

When scheduling, make sure you consider how much time it will take you to study and how long it will take for the scores to be sent to your school. On average, you will want at least a month to prepare for the exam, and it takes 10-15 days for your scores to be sent out to your school (by mail). If you plan to take the exam more than once, then you need to factor in studying for an additional month after you take the first exam. At a minimum, you will probably want to take your final MAT exam at least twenty days before your application deadlines so that your scores arrive on time.

Shopping Around

I also suggest reading our article on MAT costs. The price of the of MAT can vary depending on the test center, so it is worth your time to look at several centers near you. You can also find a list of test centers within the article or directly on the Pearson website.

Schedule Early

Another thing to consider is your personal test preferences. Do you feel more mentally prepared in the morning, or the afternoon? Most people feel more alert during one or the other. Think back to your experiences in school. You should remember pretty clearly whether you enjoyed morning classes or dreaded them. It benefits you to schedule your exam during the time of day when you feel most mentally prepared. The last thing you want to do is take the exam during a time of day when you feel tired or unfocused. Getting your scheduling taken care of early is an important part of having a great test day.