Top 10 Ways to Improve Your MAT Score

Our Magoosh team of bloggers has written many great tips on preparing for your Miller Analogies Test. Let’s take a look at the top 10 ways to improve your MAT score!

improve your MAT score

1. Preview

You’ve heard the common phrase, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Don’t let this happen to you! Here are great resources for study guides:

MAT Study Guide

Create Your Own Study Guide

2. Plan Your Studying

Whether you have 1 week or two months, make a study schedule plan and stick to it.

How to Study for the MAT in One Month

1 Week Study Plan

Tips for Taking an MAT Practice Test- magoosh

3. Discover the MAT

Learn about the structure of the test itself and its administration:

What’s on the MAT?

Format of Miller Analogies Test

4. Learn about the Analogies

Take a look at the different types of analogies that will be presented on the exam:

Relationship Types

Types of Analogies on the MAT

5. Pinpoint

You may have some questions about how the different subjects will be presented as analogies.  Take a look at these excellent breakdowns and examples:

Semantic Analogies

How the MAT Tests Math

Classification Analogies

6. Maximize Your MAT Studying

Use these tips and shortcuts to help you maximize your time and effort:

Miller Analogies Test Advice

5 Free Online Test Resources

Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports

7. Register for the MAT

Get registered so you have a target date to study for.

How do I Register for the MAT?

When Should I Take The MAT?

8. Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary is key for a test that uses word analogies. Check out the following articles for improving your vocab:

Vocabulary Words

How to Study Vocabulary Words

9. Read

A well-read student is more successful on the MAT due to the wide variety of topics tested. Here are some resources:

Vocab Resources

Content Areas Tested on the MAT

10. Commiserate

You are not alone! Read these accounts and you’ll know that you are in good company as you are getting ready to take your exam:

My Test Day (Bertrand)

Why I Took the MAT (Lisa)

Hopefully these top 10 ways to improve your MAT score have helped and get you focused as you prepare for the Miller Analogies Test.

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