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Taking the MAT this Week? Read This First!

MAT this week

It’s test time!  Are you taking the MAT this week?  Read this first! Whether you’ve been studying for a long while or in a time crunch, take a look at this collection of links for essential information for successful test taking.

Official MAT Study Materials

There are a lot of test prep materials floating around but always go to the source to ensure you know what the test makers are providing so you have a clear understanding of what they are presenting and expecting.  This post on official MAT study materials will provide quick links to Pearson’s official study guide and other materials.

Tips for Taking an MAT Practice Test- magoosh

MAT Basics

This post on what’s on the MAT will remind you of the format of the MAT, the number of questions, timing and helpful hints for the questions. Although you may think you’re already familiar with the MAT, reviewing the MAT basics can help refresh your mind about aspects of the exam that you might have forgotten. 


Relationships Tested on the MAT

This post on MAT relationships will cover the main categories of relationships presented in the analogy questions on the MAT.  Learning to define what kind of relationship is represented is key in mastering the MAT.

MAT Analogies

MAT Secrets

Even if it’s the week before the test, you can never have too many tips!

MAT Easy Questions

Take advantage of the easy questions on the test and don’t get bogged down on the difficult ones.

MAT Study Plan

First week or last week of studying?  Take a look at this one week study plan to optimize these final days of preparing for the MAT.

MAT Test Day

Here is some advice to prepare for test day itself and to make sure everything is good to go!

List of MAT Locations- magoosh

You’re almost there! Good luck on taking the MAT this week!

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