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Preparing for the MAT

Preparing for the MAT involves familiarizing yourself with: the format, types of analogies, and studying vocabulary. Read on for some tips in each of these areas!

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MAT Format

The Miller Analogies Test is 120 questions long and has a 60 minute time limit. Each question is the presented in the same format. All 120 questions are analogies. 20 out of the 120 analogies are experimental. The experimental analogies are not scored. Instead they are used to determine efficacy for future versions of the MAT. Because there are multiple test forms circulating at one time, your score is scaled. It can fall between 200 and 600. Anything above a 400 is considered an above average score.

MAT Analogy Types

Though all of the questions are worded in the same way, different types of analogies are tested on the MAT. Typically the analogies can fall into one of 4 categories: Semantic, Classification, Association, and Logical/Mathematical. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the types of relationships that are tested on the Miller Analogies Test because at times words appear to have no obvious connection. By being aware of the different relationships tested you will be able to recognize relationships between seemingly unrelated words.

MAT Vocabulary

The Miller Analogies Test is designed to test knowledge you’ve gained through years of schooling, so the good news is you probably already know more vocabulary than you think! Working through MAT word lists provided in Barrons’ or Kaplan’s MAT Study Guides is one way to approach vocabulary study. Moreover, reviewing root words and endings that signal a specific part of speech can serve as your secret weapon to helping you determine an unfamiliar word’s meaning!

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Vocabulary study need not always be boring. Reading publications like The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, or The Economist will help to expand your vocabulary. TV shows and movies can too! Be on the lookout for unfamiliar words and try to define them in context as you read or watch along!

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