5 Most Difficult MAT Questions

I hate to burst your bubble, but this post does not give you the insider trading secrets of the 5 most difficult MAT questions on the exam. Why? Because what is most difficult for you is actually quite personal. As you begin your study regimen, you’ll start to realize which types of questions are most […]

Best Miller Analogies Test Videos on YouTube

This blog is going to be a bit of a “bait and switch.” None of the Miller Analogies Test videos on YouTube should be described as “best” anything. I wish it was that simple. But it’s actually a bit worse than that: many of the top videos are connected to unnecessarily expensive test prep products . […]

5 Things That Are Ruining Your MAT Practice

You’ve got the study guide. You’ve set your exam date. You’ve sat down to study… and it isn’t working.  You can’t concentrate, things aren’t sticking and you don’t seem to be improving.  Let’s take a look at 5 things that are ruining your MAT practice. Time Crunch While it is very difficult to find enough […]

Multiple Vocabulary Meanings on the MAT

Even with a broad subject knowledge, we can all be tripped up when it comes to alternate definitions of terms, especially for questions as sparse as the MAT.  Analogies are as pared down as it is possible to be in a language problem (as opposed to the unambiguous nature of math equations).  When preparing, it […]

MAT Practice Questions

As we have said time and again on this blog, the key to mastering the MAT is: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  And the key to good practice is to break down Miller Analogies Test practice questions. Initial Break Sometimes you will read the analogy and the answer will seem intuitive.  Don’t worry that it seems too […]