Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports

Obtaining official Miller Analogies score reports is done by mail. If taken electronically, a Preliminary Score Report will be displayed on the screen immediately after submitting the test. This is not an official report and still needs to be verified by Pearson, but it is typically accurate.


Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports

Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports by Mail

Your official MAT score report will be mailed to you 10-15 business days after you complete the test. At this point Pearson will have had time to verify that your Preliminary Score Report was indeed correct.

Will Anyone Else Receive my Official MAT Score Report?

Your MAT registration fee includes score report delivery to three institutions of your choice. You do not need to send the score reports anywhere, but if you do wish to send them out, be prepared on test day to specify where you would like to send them. If the institutions are located outside of North America, have the full and accurate address with you as well. Pearson will only forward the reports if the address is correct, and they will not resend your results.

If you’d like to send out more than three score reports, there is an additional fee.

What if During the Test I Realize I am Unprepared, and Do Not Want My Scores Sent Anywhere?

At any time during the test you can click the “Do Not Process this Score” button. If you choose to select this button, there will be no record of you having taken the MAT and in the mail you will receive a blank score report.

You cannot take it back once you select this button, so be careful! Also, be aware that even if you cancel, the registration fee will not be refunded. Do your best to be as prepared as possible on test day!