Miller Analogies Word Lists

Words, words and more words!  The Miller Analogies Test examines your knowledge of a broad range of topics and while knowing the base concepts is important, it all culminates in your ability to recognize terms and their meanings.  The analogies presented in the exam require recognition of words but also an understanding of its corresponding concept and how it correlates to the surrounding terms.  Word lists and vocabulary flashcards are a good way to quickly familiarize yourself with new words and meanings.

Two Strategies

Two strategies you might want to consider when refreshing or increasing your vocabulary are to:

  1. Start at the top and work your way down
  2. Start with the basics and get more complicated

By that I mean that you should determine where you are in your studies and decide if you want to start with higher-level vocabulary words and have a some easier words thrown in as a refresher or start with more basic terms and work your way up in complexity.  For a step-wise concept like this, I would suggest that differing levels of intricacy would range from studying for the ACT and SAT, high school-level exams up to graduate-level tests like the Miller Analogies Test or Graduate Record Exam (GRE).


Magoosh offers free flashcards and an app that can help you with many levels of standardized tests, from high school level through the Miller Analogies Test, these are a great way to study vocabulary.  And while one of the flashcard lists specifies it is for the GRE, many of the terms will be in common with the MAT.  

The advantage to using these flashcards is that they are offered in manageable lists of increasing complexity for any of the exams you are interested in.  This facilitates the idea of scaffolding your learning; building up from one level to another.  


GRE Flashcards

Starting with the basics on up, you will find many of these terms and their subject categories on the Miller Analogies test as well.


ACT Flashcards

The ACT is a college admissions test administered by the ACT organization.  It is administered to high school juniors and seniors.


SAT Flashcards

The SAT is also a college admissions test administered by a group called The College Board and is administered to high school students.


Whichever method you use to work on expanding your vocabulary make sure you incorporate the new terms into your everyday conversation and shore it up by the regular reading of intellectual materials.  You can find some suggestions here.  Vocabulary-building is a constant endeavor and if you make a conscious effort to increase the complexity of your vocabulary, the MAT will be much more approachable.