Miller Analogies Test vs IQ

Many of you taking the Miller Analogies Test will be familiar with its association to both IQ and IQ testing. The MAT is one of three graduate exams (the others being the LSAT, and GMAT) that are still accepted as an admissions test for high IQ societies; some of the most exclusive IQ societies only accept the MAT (Prometheus for the 1 in 30,000).


“IQ” has a lot of name recognition, although people are often uncertain what it means exactly. It has been jokingly said that IQ is what IQ tests measure. IQ—short for intelligent quotient—does specifically refer to the score achieved on intelligence tests. An IQ score is supposed to tell us some important things about intelligence. Standard tests focus on measuring your depth of knowledge. IQ tests are focused on the abilities that allow you to learn and use that knowledge in the first place.

Computers can offer a rough but simple analogy. When you buy a new computer it has inherent features like a processor, ram, hard drive space etc. These qualities will dictate how it performs with the information (knowledge) you will have it process. A standard test is focused on the information/knowledge. IQ tests want to look at those “inherent features” that dictate how well we will process information.

It is important to note that the human brain is much more complex than the computer mentioned in our analogy. IQ tests do not measure all of our mental abilities and there are several that are not fully captured on IQ tests (research suggests IQ and creativity diverge in important places).

Miller Analogies Test vs IQ

The Miller Analogies Test is not technically an IQ test since it will not provide you with an IQ score. It is also not as comprehensive as the major IQ tests since it has no visual-spatial component. However, the MAT does use verbal reasoning to measure the same mental abilities IQ tests look for. Further, the percentile distributions of all MAT test takers are similar to those on IQ tests (MAT percentiles).  So, for all intents and purposes, the MAT is an IQ test, and your percentile ranking is comparable to what you would achieve on a verbal IQ test using standard IQ scoring.