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Miller Analogies Test Fee

There’s no getting around it; you will have a Miller Analogies Test fee.  All standardized graduate school exams have a fee and you should make sure you are prepared for the cost of the testing site you have chosen.

Choosing a location

You will most likely choose a testing location that is nearest to you.  Pearson Assessments has a listing of schools and testing centers that offer the MAT.  Be aware, however, that even the current document posted by Pearson may have broken links or that the universities no longer offer testing services.  Always plan ahead, initiate good communication with the prospective testing center and schedule well ahead of your set deadline. Keep in mind, also, that the nearest testing center may be in a neighboring state if you are close to the border.  For example, Nevada has only one testing location listed; if you are quite a ways east of Reno, check to see of the facilities in Utah are closer.

Miller Analogies Test Fee

The Miller Analogies Test Fee that you pay varies by offering institution.  While Pearson offers optional services (such as an alternate testing site fee if you change your scheduled exam location, a transcript fee or score verification fee) the actual price you will pay is dependent on the testing center you attend.  This price can vary from $70 -$90 and more.  Check with your testing facility, also, to discover if they have additional fees that may be added to the testing fee. If you will be traveling include those expenses as well; gas prices, possible hotel, food, etc.

Miller Analogies Test Fee


Beyond the test fee required, take steps to prepare yourself for the exam.  Study, take practice tests, and strengthen your vocabulary.  It’s also advised to prepare yourself on test day to make sure you are getting your money’s worth!

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