Miller Analogies Test Experience – My Test Day

I thought reading about my Miller Analogies Test experience would be helpful to those of you preparing to take the exam. I took the MAT for the first time earlier this year after studying for about a month. Many of the ideas I’ve advised within this blog are ones I used during my own preparation. Some minor hiccups aside, it was a good test day: I scored in the 98th percentile with a scaled score of 454.

The Test Center

Compared to my experiences taking the GRE, this was an absolute breeze. I have only taking the MAT once, so I cannot say this is what everyone will experience, but I arrived to the test center to find no line at all, the lockers were conveniently located, and there was only one sheet of paperwork for me to fill out. It took me less than ten minutes to sit down for the exam.


I’m pretty comfortable taking exams. Plus, I had taken about 12 practice tests leading up to this. My goals were to keep a good pace, mark any answers I felt unsure of, and to use the answering strategy on every question: think of a logical relationship, generate my own answer choice, and then select whichever option was closest. It was a challenge sometimes to not second guess myself if one of the answer choices felt better, but the rule is to only choose answers that you can defend logically (ignore feelings).

As I answered questions, I was pleased to see that a lot of low context information I had studied specifically for the exam came up: measurement prefixes, geometric shapes, and Roman numerals to name a few. I probably got an additional five questions just from these. That being said, there were certainly questions that left me dumbfounded. On these, I simply tried my best to narrow down my choices and not waste time.

When I came to the end of the exam I was given the option to “see all questions” or “see” just the ones I had marked. On the official practice tests, “seeing all questions” takes you to a screen where you can select any question at will. This was not the case on the actual exam.

Selecting “see all” sent me back to question 1, and I had to manually click my way through the entire exam. My computer was slow and this probably lost me about 5 minutes. It also made me feel rushed when I was reviewing the answers I had been unsure of earlier. Learn from my mistake: select the “see marked” option.

Final Impressions

The MAT was such a quick exam compared to the others I had taken that I honestly still felt good when it was over (rather than completely drained). I think my preparation was adequate, but I will definitely study 2-3 months next time. If you’d like to see more about how I studied, check out our ten MAT guidelines and our study plans.