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Miller Analogies Test Easy Questions

The first forty questions on the MAT are labeled “easy” by the test makers. This can be a bit deceptive; it is doubtful that the average student would feel that more than a handful of MAT questions were easy. The average score on the MAT is 400. Out of 120 questions, most test-takers average 40-48 correct answers. In other words, it is perfectly normal to get close to 2/3 of the exam questions wrong. Let’s look deeper into the Miller Analogies Test easy questions and why they can still be tricky.

“Easy” on the MAT

One of the rules of MAT question creation is that all the questions must use information that is reasonable to expect of a well-read student with a bachelor’s degree. Many of the easy questions pull from terms or vocabulary that would be seen in an “intro class.” However, if your degree is in art, a question that uses physics terms—even introductory ones—might not seem very easy to you. This is why the MAT requires that you be well-read; if not, easy questions from a subject outside your own will be more than enough to stump you. Not to mention, the MAT uses a lot of graduate level vocabulary.

One thing you can count on from the easy MAT questions is that relationships will be straightforward. If you can recognize the terms, that will often be enough to solve the analogy.

Miller Analogies Test Easy Questions

  1. Persia : Iran :: (a. Siam b. Thrace c. Alexandria d. Gaul) : Thailand
  2. Goat : (a. Satyr b. Griffon c. Chimera d. Myrmidon) :: Horse : Centaur
  3. Sad : Devastated :: Amenable : (a. Credulous b. Admirable c. Amend d. Cajole)
  4. (a. Incan b. Mayan c. Arawak d. Sioux) : Pizarro :: Aztec : Cortes
  5. Alga : Algae :: Curriculum : (a. Curriuclae b. Curriculums c. Curricula d. Curriculum)


  1. Persia is the ancient name for modern day Iran; Siam is the ancient name for modern day Thailand.
  2. A Satyr is half man, half goat; a centaur is half man, half horse.
  3. To be extremely sad is to be devastated; to be extremely amenable is to be credulous.
  4. The Incan empire was brought down by Pizarro; the Aztec empire was brought down by Cortes.
  5. Alga is the singular form of algae; curriculum is the singular form

For more information, be sure to read through the official MAT study guide and the MAT blog.

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