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Miller Analogies Test Accommodations

Miller Analogies Test Accommodations can be made for test takers with physical or mental disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. This post will tell you how to request Miller Analogies Test accommodations and what type of accommodations are available!

How to Request Miller Analogies Test Accommodations:

In order to request Miller Analogies Test Accommodations you must reach out to your testing center. (A full list of MAT testing centers can be found here.)

Your testing center will ask you to fill out and submit an Accommodations Request Form. Along with the Accommodations Request Form you must provide a letter from a physician, school teacher, school administrator, psychologist, or other licensed professional qualified to diagnose disabilities. In order to get approved for your accommodations the letter must include:

  • the professional’s credentials
  • a description of the disability
  • a statement of how the disability would affect test taking
  • a description of the accommodations required

This is then sent to Pearson, who will review the documents, and then decide whether or not to grant the accommodations. Pearson will notify the testing center and then the testing center will notify you of the decision. Because this can be a little bit of a process be sure to give the testing center a few weeks to process your request.

What Types of Miller Analogies Test Accommodations are Available?

There are many types of Miller Analogies Test Accommodations available! Currently, Pearson offers:

audio cassette tape examination, Braille examination, large print examination, additional breaks, additional time, reader, scribe/writer, sign language interpreter, separate testing room and accessible facilities.

If the accommodation you need is not on this list so not hesitate to reach out to your testing center and request it! There is no additional fee for Miller Analogies Test Accommodations and most administrators are happy to help in any way that they can!

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