Miller Analogies Scores for Social Science Programs

Miller Analogies Test scores for social science programs are the same as for other programs.  Your score on the MAT does not indicate that you are better suited for a particular degree over any other. The focus of the test is less on the area of study and more on the overall test performance. The meaning of the scores indicates your analytical thought process rather than aptitude for a single subject.

What it Tests

The Miller Analogies Test scores are an indication of high-level analytical thinking rather than details of specific knowledge.  The analogies presented vary widely in their subject matter and require an understanding of the concepts represented and how they interrelate to each other in the analogy problems.  While there are social science questions on the test, these are not the focus, the questions are interspersed with other subjects such as mathematics, natural science and the humanities.

Scores and Admissions

Your score is one of several components involved in your graduate school admission process.  If you are seeking a degree in the social sciences and have a particular school in mind, make sure they accept the MAT as an exam.  If it is not specified, I urge you to contact your advisor and ask.  If the school does accept the MAT, spend your time wisely and study (read this and this for good study schedules).  Your score will most likely fall between 200 and 400; which indicate good analytical thinking.  For a more detailed discussion of average scores or “good” scores, take a look at this blog post as well.

Total Package

Remember, no matter your chosen degree plan, your performance on the MAT is one portion of the total admissions package for your school.  Spend time studying and thoughtfully completing the package and you will be successful in your academic endeavors.