MAT Vocabulary

5 Most Difficult MAT Questions

I hate to burst your bubble, but this post does not give you the insider trading secrets of the 5 most difficult MAT questions on the exam. Why? Because what is most difficult for you is actually quite personal. As you begin your study regimen, you’ll start to realize which types of questions are most […]

Multiple Vocabulary Meanings on the MAT

Even with a broad subject knowledge, we can all be tripped up when it comes to alternate definitions of terms, especially for questions as sparse as the MAT.  Analogies are as pared down as it is possible to be in a language problem (as opposed to the unambiguous nature of math equations).  When preparing, it […]

20 More MAT Vocabulary Words

Test-taking tips and strategies are great but won’t be much help if you don’t know the words making up the analogy.  A wide-ranging vocabulary indicates a depth of knowledge for a variety of subjects.  I touched on this in Top 20 MAT Vocabulary Words previously.  But the choices are limitless.  Here are 20 more MAT […]

MAT Word Game Analogies, Part 1

Some of the trickiest questions on the MAT are what we might call word game analogies. Although you won’t find this phrase in a Pearson publication, these are a distinct and important type of question that relies on the spelling, pronunciation, and usage of words rather than their meaning. These questions are, in essence, little […]

Miller Analogies Word Lists

Words, words and more words!  The Miller Analogies Test examines your knowledge of a broad range of topics and while knowing the base concepts is important, it all culminates in your ability to recognize terms and their meanings.  The analogies presented in the exam require recognition of words but also an understanding of its corresponding […]