MAT Test Prep: How to Study

MAT Test Prep: How to Study

Studying for any exam can seem like a daunting challenge. If you’ve looked through the sheer variety of content areas the MAT can test you on, you are likely wondering how you will ever cover so much ground. Luckily, all exams can be studied for, and the MAT is no different. Here is an overview of MAT test prep.

MAT Test Prep: Give yourself time

MAT test prep takes time. It’s important that you appreciate how much goes into properly preparing for a graduate level exam. At a minimum, you should set aside at least a month for study. If it’s possible, two months is much better. If you intend to take the exam more than once, give yourself at least a month between retakes so that you can improve on the mistakes made in the first exam.

MAT Resources

One of the goals of studying is to give you as much exposure as possible to MAT questions. In the course of your studies, you should expect to answer and analyze several hundred MAT questions (upwards of 500). To do this, you need quality resources. Here are my recommendations:

The free resources are those that should be used by everyone. You can get away with just one of the study guides: Kaplan or Barron’s. However, given the low cost of these resources, it’s possible to get both, and it will increase your total available practice tests. The official MAT practice tests are pricey, but they offer the most realistic test experience. Further, you can use the questions as an additional study resource. If you decide to purchase one, I suggest saving it for the last third or so of your study plan.

MAT study approach

We’ve collected a lot of great advice on “how to study” in one post:

How to master the MAT

This blog will connect you to a web of information that covers the most important aspects of day to day study. It’s a small initial time investment of an hour or two, but going through them all–and taking notes–will streamline your MAT prep and ensure that none of your time is wasted.

One last thing–

Remember to be patient and consistent in applying this information. Students tend to seek quick results and get frustrated or anxious when they don’t see them. However, the MAT requires genuine learning and that takes a sustained effort. I would suggest applying all the advice given for a minimum of four weeks before deciding to discard any of it. 😉

Happy studying!