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5 Hacks for the Miller Analogies Test

Here are some Miller Analogies Test hacks to maximize your score on the exam. Every little bit helps, so take note! 1. Know your resources There are myriad resources available for prospective test-takers, so use them!  From practice tests to vocabulary flashcards to analogy breakdowns, there are many things you can download for free online.  You can […]

10 Top Tips for the Miller Analogies Test

Looking for Miller Analogies Test tips? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this post for our top 10 Miller Analogy tips for success on the MAT. Counting down from number 10…   Find the testing center nearest you. Pearson puts out a list but make sure you contact the school or testing center […]

How the MAT Tests Math, Part 1: Arithmetic

As I noted in a recent post comparing MAT to GRE, the MAT can’t test your math skills in the same way as a more traditional standardized test, such as the GRE or GMAT. Those two exams love charts (sometimes multiple charts per question!), diagrams (warning: not to scale!), and lengthy arithmetic. The MAT, in contrast, […]

MAT Prep Class: Is it worth it?

Every student feels the money crunch when it comes to education.  Tuition, fees, books, and more add up and can feel like a burden.  With this thought in mind, the question may come up about an MAT Prep Class and whether it is worth taking to improve your scores. What can an MAT Prep class […]

Is the MAT Easier than the GRE?

Suppose someone offered you the choice between an easy grad-school entrance exam and a harder exam. The exams count the same: you don’t get extra points or special consideration for doing well on the harder exam. Under those conditions, it would be a no-brainer to take the easier test, right? If your target school accepts […]

How To Avoid Getting Bored During the MAT

One of the best characteristics of the Miller Analogies Test is that it is only 1 hour long. When compared to the three hours and forty five minutes it takes to complete the GRE, the Miller Analogies Test can seem like a breeze. However, you will have to answer 120 questions in that one hour, […]

How to Study for the MAT in One Month

Uh oh, your graduate school application package is due soon so you can start the upcoming semester and you need to study for the MAT in one month! Don’t panic, here are some study tips you can follow even if you are swamped from the rest of your life.   Use What’s There   Don’t […]

Encoding and Decoding on the MAT

Thinking in Code Start thinking about super secret decoder rings from your snack box or one made with paper plates and a metal brad. Making and breaking codes can be as simple as these or as complex as high-level security algorithms that change every 30 seconds. The whole idea, though, is that the message is […]