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MAT Word Game Analogies, Part 2: Spelling

  In a previous post, I pointed out a few ways that the MAT might construct an analogy based solely on spelling. Here’s a more detailed list of MAT spelling games, populated with fresh examples in each category. The analogy might be based on anagrams, words that are rearrangements of the same set of letters […]

MAT Analogy Practice

MAT analogy practice is essential to Miller Analogies success! Today, we’ll work through a tough analogy and explain how we arrived at the correct answer! MAT Analogy Practice 1 HINDUISM :                                   :: CONFUCIANISM : TAOISM Jainism Christianity Judaism Shinto […]

Tips for Taking an MAT Practice Test

The best tips for taking an MAT practice test are firstly, to treat the practice test as if it is an actual Miller Analogies Test day, and secondly, to make use of the analogy explanations that accompany the answer key when you review your answers. This may sound counterintuitive — treating the practice test like an […]

How the MAT Tests Math, Part 4: Geometry

We’re nearing the end of our introductory tour of MAT math. So far we’ve covered arithmetic, primes and divisibility (favorite topics of standardized tests everywhere), and a bit of algebra. Turning to geometry, you may be relieved to find that it’s the one math subtopic where the MAT’s structure really works in your favor. The […]

I Hate Miller Analogies. Help!

If your attitude towards the MAT is: “I hate Miller Analogies. Help!” I’m here to do just that! The test isn’t as bad as you think, I promise. Below you’ll find some MAT mental hacks and tested tips. Remember,  you can do it, you can do it! Remind Yourself of the Positives First off, your […]

MAT Tactics

Knowing a few MAT tactics can make the all the difference in your score. Read on the learn our top three tried and true tips to help you do your best on test day! MAT Tactics #1: Determine Which Pairs of Words are Related Simply put, try to decide whether the first and third term […]

How the MAT Tests Math, Part 3: Algebra

In the past two posts, we’ve looked at the fundamentals of MAT math, covering both arithmetic and some basic number theory. This post picks back up with algebra, another important part of the Mathematics content area. As you might expect, MAT algebra problems can be tricky, since you have limited information to help you along. The […]