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MAT Word Game Analogies, Part 4: Etymology and Usage

In the past few posts, we’ve built up a nice little inventory of word game analogies: special subtypes of question that you might encounter on the MAT. (Not sure what I mean by “word game analogy?” See this post for starters.) We’ve looked at some examples involving spelling, as well as a few involving pronunciation. […]

5 Things That Are Ruining Your MAT Practice

You’ve got the study guide. You’ve set your exam date. You’ve sat down to study… and it isn’t working.  You can’t concentrate, things aren’t sticking and you don’t seem to be improving.  Let’s take a look at 5 things that are ruining your MAT practice. Time Crunch While it is very difficult to find enough […]

MAT Word Game Analogies, Part 3: Pronunciation

  In the last post in this series, we took a brief tour of an unusual but important type of MAT analogy: questions based on a word’s spelling, rather than its meaning. A similar class of analogies are built on the basis of pronunciation. As noted in their official publications, the MAT test makers will […]