MAT Score for Arts and Humanities Programs

400 is the average MAT score for Arts and Humanities Programs. The lowest possible score on the MAT is 200. The highest possible score is a 600. This post will explain acceptable score ranges and the three types of scores that will be included in your score report!

MAT Score for Arts and Humanities Programs- magoosh

Do schools accept a lower MAT score for Arts and Humanities Programs?

Yes. Typically, a minimum of 370 is required to get into most programs. Some schools, like the University of Idaho, require a minimum of a 390.

Is there a “safe” number for a MAT score for Arts and Humanities Programs?

Yes. As long as you score a 400 or above and your program of choice accepts the MAT you should be good. Scoring a 500 is considered rare. Anything above a 500 is exceptional.

A test-taker’s score report lists three things:

-your scaled score (based on the number of correct answers out of 100)

-your scaled score’s percentile rank when compared to anorm group of about 120,000 test-takers

-the percentile rank of that scaled score compared to the subgroup who indicated the same major area of graduate study as you

To give you some perspective:

In 2006 the scaled score of 421 was in the 81st percentile In 2007 a scaled score of 454 was in the 98th percentile

In March 2007, a scaled score of 464 was in the 99th percentile

In July 2010 a scaled score of 492 was in the 99.9th percentile

If you’d like to learn more about how the MAT is scored check out this post explaining how the MAT is scored. 

Schools determine their minimum score on a program-by-program basis. Be sure the check the website of your program(s) of choice to be sure what  the minimum required score is!