MAT Prep Using Only the Internet

MAT Prep Using Only the Internet

There are a few ways to do MAT prep using only the internet. This is something that may be of interest to students who are trying to save money or those who simply find it more convenient.

Official MAT Study Guide

The official MAT study guide is free online. A must-read for anyone preparing for the MAT, it covers MAT question format, analogy types, and question answering strategies.

MAT Flashcards

The Magoosh MAT flashcards are a completely free resource featuring 160 MAT style questions. Even after the questions have been mastered, you can use the terms as a resource. Looking up unfamiliar terms in an online dictionary is a great way to expand your vocabulary.

GRE/GMAT Flashcards

So much of the MAT depends on having a strong college level vocabulary. GRE/GMAT vocabulary flashcards are an excellent way to improve. There are many, many free flashcard decks on sites like Quizlet. Magoosh also offers a free set of GRE flash cards featuring 1000 important vocab words.


KhanAcademy  is a free education site featuring instruction on all levels of math and certain science topics. The videos on KhanAcademy are more than enough to familiarize students with the math concepts that appear on the MAT.

Online Reading

Sites that provide access to high quality, college level reading are also useful for the MAT. Daily reading is one of the best ways to improve your general knowledge and to expand your vocabulary.

I recommend sites like The Atlantic (free) or the NY Times (subscription). I’m also a big fan of Aeon (free). Aeon features the same high quality writing as the previously mentioned periodicals, but it is solely dedicated to essays (no sifting through news!).

MAT Practice Tests

This is probably the only area where it is not really possible to avoid spending money. High quality MAT practice tests have to be purchased. You can either purchase Barron’s text on the MAT (there is an ebook version) or you can go straight to the Pearson website to buy practice tests directly from the test-maker.

It is an absolute must that you have some experience taking a practice exam. It’s the only way to prepare yourself for the pressure of taking the real exam.

Rather than picking just one resource, all of the above should be used together to create a complete study plan. For more information, see the following: How to master the MAT.