MAT Prep Timeline

MAT timeline

What’s your MAT timeline? There are a few things every student should be concerned with. Let’s go over the most important considerations.

Know Your Deadlines

Different schools will have different deadlines. Before doing anything else, visit the websites of the schools you intend to apply to and compile a list of deadlines.

1, 2, or 3 Months

One month is the minimum amount of time for studying for the MAT. Less than a month of study is not enough time to improve substantially. Two months is ideal; most students will be able to fully prepare for the exam in that time.

If you are considering taking the MAT two times, you might want to pursue three months of study. You will study two months for the first exam; afterwards, you will have a month to prepare further for the second.

Creating A Timeline

Your timeline needs to consider both your study period and your school deadlines. You need to finish studying and take the exam before your deadline arrives.

It’s also important to remember that it takes 10-15 business days for your MAT scores to be sent out. It’s better to play it safe by giving yourself 15 business days (about 3 weeks).

This means, whatever study period you choose, you should add on 3 weeks at the end to ensure your scores arrive on time. For example, if you plan to study for one month, you should start studying 7 weeks before your deadline:

1 month of study —–> Exam Day —–> 3 weeks for scores to be sent —–> Application Deadline

However long you plan to study, you should add 3 weeks to the timeline. If you plan to study for one month, you should start studying 7 weeks before your deadlines. If you plan to study for 2 months, you should start studying 11 weeks before your deadlines. Lastly, if you plan to study for 3 months, you should start studying 15 weeks before your deadlines.

Mapping this out early will ensure that you give yourself ample time for the entire testing process. For more information on how to actually prepare see our blog on how to master the MAT, which contains everything you need to know to have a great test prep (study schedules, study habits, etc.)