MAT in Admissions

Why I took the Miller Analogies Test

There are many schools that offer options as to which graduate exam you can take to qualify to apply for their programs.  Every student whose prospective schools give them options will have to choose the exam based on their own criteria. I can’t tell you which one to take. What I can tell you is […]

Should I Take the MAT or GRE?

For most prospective graduate students, the choice between the GRE and the MAT is no choice at all. Lots of programs require the GRE but won’t consider MAT scores; a few programs accept only the MAT. But what if you’re among the lucky few who get to decide which exam to take? As we’ll see, […]

Miller Analogies Scores for Social Science Programs

Miller Analogies Test scores for social science programs are the same as for other programs.  Your score on the MAT does not indicate that you are better suited for a particular degree over any other. The focus of the test is less on the area of study and more on the overall test performance. The […]