MAT for Education Programs

If only there was an easy answer to the question of which exam is most accepted by graduate education programs.  It all comes down to the university to which you are applying and the individual program in the graduate school.


Application Process


The application process to graduate program vary by institution but there are many similarities that you can prepare for.  Some of these include:

  • Application:  an application with general contact information, your program of choice, and information about your prior education and, possible, work history. (Note: this is often associated with a non-refundable fee)
  • Official transcripts: While an initial review for an applicant might include a perusal of unofficial transcripts included with the application, official transcripts sent to the institution by the originating university will be required. This includes all transcripts from schools attended. (Note: fees can be associated with this but it varies by sending institution)
  • Standardized test scores: Again, this varies not only by institution but by program as well.  Check with the graduate school and an advisor of the program you are interested in.
  • Additional documentation:  This may include a resume, letters of recommendation, a statement of interest or personal essay; anything that the admissions committee believes will show you are a good candidate for the program.


Points for Consideration


While investigating potential schools, bear in mind that they might specify one distinct test for admissions.  If you have your heart set on one particular school, you might have to adapt your process to accommodate that exam.  It can work the other way, as well, if you are determined that the one test you take will be the MAT (or you have already taken it and have no desire to take another exam), then you need to look at programs that accept it.


Bear in mind, though, that even prior to applying to program, you can contact an advisor within that program.  Be proactive, ask questions.  It might turn out that while they specify the GRE as a standardized test, they will consider another test in its place along with the rest of the admissions package.  You are investing your time, money and energy into your prospective university take the time to make sure it is a good fit for you and that includes the flow of communication between you and your advisor.