MAT Eligibility

MAT Eligibility

There are no specific steps that have to be taken to obtain MAT eligibility. Just about anyone who wants to take the MAT is free to. However, you do need proper identification and a testing center.

Necessary Identification

The MAT requires several forms of identification before taking the exam. You can read about it in detail in the Candidate Information Booklet. I’ll go over the key points here.

The MAT is primarily offered in the U.S. and Canada so it does request students to provide either a social security number or a social insurance number (Canada).

Additionally, students will need to provide two forms of identification: primary and secondary. The primary form must be government issued; it also needs to have a photo and a signature. You secondary ID does not have to include these.

Primary ID is typically a driver’s license, government issued ID, or a passport. Your secondary identification can be something like a credit card, library card, student ID, or a utility bill. Secondary identification is much more lenient than primary.

For students taking the MAT outside of the U.S. or Canada, I strongly advise contacting your testing center directly to see what forms of ID they will require.

Testing Center

There are several hundred testing centers around the U.S. and Canada. Students living in either of these two countries should have no trouble finding a nearby center.

Students outside of Canada or the U.S. may have a more difficult time finding testing centers. I would suggest these students first look through the list of testing centers to see if any international centers are close by.

For students with no test centers by them, you can request an alternative testing site. This process is detailed on pg. 19 of the candidate information booklet. Since it will take time to set up an alternative testing site, make sure you get started early.