MAT Basics

Preparing for the MAT

Preparing for the MAT involves familiarizing yourself with: the format, types of analogies, and studying vocabulary. Read on for some tips in each of these areas! MAT Format The Miller Analogies Test is 120 questions long and has a 60 minute time limit. Each question is the presented in the same format. All 120 questions […]

What is the MAT?

“what is the MAT?” Pearson describes it as a high level mental ability exam that tests a variety of cognitive abilities. Let’s look at some other aspects

How many questions are on the MAT?

The short answer to how many questions there are on the MAT is 120. But there’s also more to take into consideration. The long answer The exam you will take presents 120 analogy questions for you to solve in 60 minutes.  These range across multiple subjects and represent 4 main types of relationships (though these […]


The Army uses the MAT for ROTC to test future cadet’s critical thinking skills. In addition to the Miller Analogies Test, cadets also sit for the Collegiate Learning Assessment and the Cadet Development exam. These tests help to place cadets in their future regiment, branch, and component. Has the Army always used the MAT for […]

Two Miller Analogies Test Secrets

It’s not telling a magician’s tricks or leaking top-secret intel but these two Miller Analogies Test secrets will help you master the exam and maximize your score. Miller Analogies Test Secret #1: Know your analogy Types While the Pearson Study Guide designates four types of analogies, each of those can be broken down into smaller […]

Miller Analogies Test History

The Miller Analogies Test history involves a few changes in the test administration and scoring but the structure of the test has stayed relatively intact in the years it has been in circulation. The Beginning The Miller Analogies Test was developed over 50 years ago to test higher order thinking, which indicates intelligence, learning, and […]