MAT Basics

MAT Eligibility

There are no specific steps that have to be taken to obtain MAT eligibility. Just about anyone who wants to take the MAT is free to.

MAT Prep Timeline

What’s your MAT timeline? There are a few things every student should be concerned with. This article goes over the most important considerations.

MAT Practice Questions

As we have said time and again on this blog, the key to mastering the MAT is: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE.  And the key to good practice is to break down Miller Analogies Test practice questions. Initial Break Sometimes you will read the analogy and the answer will seem intuitive.  Don’t worry that it seems too […]

What’s on the MAT?

The simple answer: there’s 120 analogies on the MAT. All of the questions are in the same format and there are no separate sections, like math. For wordsmiths, that’s good news! Read on to learn more about these analogous analogies and be like Hermione on your MAT! What types of Analogies are on the MAT? […]