Is there a MAT Age Limit?

There is no MAT age limit. People of any age may take the MAT for college admissions, IQ societies, or just for the personal challenge. However, older students may want to take extra steps to ensure that they have a good test prep.

Extra Time

If you’re an older student, or if you have just been out of school for several years, it is normal to need extra study time. This additional time will give you a chance to acclimate to studying and testing again.

Typically, I suggest two months as the ideal time to study. However, older students may benefit from three months. An easy way to determine how much time you need is to read through the official MAT study guide; after familiarizing yourself with the test format, take a practice test.

You can gain access to high quality practice tests by purchasing a study guide from either Kaplan or Barron’s.

If you score average or better, you’ll probably do fine with the standard two months. If you score below average, than three months may be the better option. (for averages, see the MAT Percentiles).

Scheduling the Exam

Once you’ve figure out how much time you are going to need to study, you can move forward with scheduling the exam. The MAT has testing centers around the country and exams are given year round. You can read more about registration and finding a testing center at these links.

If you are planing to use your score for graduate admissions, make sure you give yourself a buffer of about 3 weeks between your exam date and your application deadline. It takes 10-15 business days for your scores to be sent out.

Studying for the MAT

I highly recommend looking through the Magoosh MAT blog. We have written a ton of useful information on MAT prep. I would suggest starting with this post: How to Master the MAT.



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