List of MAT Locations

A list of MAT locations can be found here on Pearson’s website. The list of MAT locations is organized alphabetically by state. Most states have multiple MAT Test Centers.

What if There is No Testing Center Close to Me on the List of MAT Locations?

There are over 600 testing centers on the list of MAT locations, so there is a good chance that there will be one close to you. If there is not a testing center within 100 miles of where you live then you can request an alternate testing center closer to home. It’s helpful to know that requesting an alternate testing center will come with an additional fee.

Do all MAT Test Centers Administer the Miller Analogies Test on the Same Dates?

No. Each testing center has it’s own dates, times, and fees for the MAT test. The list of MAT locations on Pearson’s website provides contact information for each testing center. You then must contact the center directly to learn how to apply to take the test there, what the fees are, and the dates the test is being offered. You should also ask whether the test is administered electronically or on paper. The test is exactly the same in each format, it is simply a matter of preference for you.

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Should I be Concerned with Anything Else When Selecting an MAT location?

Before signing up at a location it is a good idea to ask on average how long it takes for the test center to receive an official score report. Ensure that the center will receive your score report in time to send your results to the graduate program(s) of your choice before the admissions deadline.