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Interpreting Your Miller Analogies Score Report

Good news: interpreting your Miller Analogies score report is not difficult! Your MAT score report will include your scaled score and percentile ranks. Both of these are determined from your raw score. Read on below to learn more about the information included in your report!

Interpreting your Miller Analogies Score Report: Format

Interpreting Your Miller Analogies Score Report - magoosh

Source: Pearson’s Candidate Information Booklet.

The above image is an example of what your official score report will look like and what type of information it will contain. This includes:

  • your personal information
  • scaled score– based on the number of test questions answered correctly
  • percentile rank for intended major– each test-taker is put into a scoring pool with other test-takers with the same intended major. Their scores are then compared. Your percentage reflects the number of people in your field of study who you did better than
  • general percentile rank– this is your percentage as compared to all other test-takers in the current norm group. The current norm group is usually spaced across a few years.  It does not include solely the other students who took the test on the same day as you.
  • transcript recipients– details the institutions where Pearson sent this score report. Though Pearson is confirming they sent the report, it is your responsibility to make sure each school you specified receives it. Pearson will not follow up.
  • number of Miller Analogies Test attempts– outlines the dates and number of times you have taken the MAT

Why Isn’t My Raw Score Included in the Report?

You do not receive your raw score on the MAT score report. Pearson uses a scaled score because there are multiple test forms circulating at the same time. The scale compensates for these slight differences by comparing each test-taker’s performance to the performance of the norm group at the time. This allows scores to be fair and accurate across different test forms.

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