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How To Avoid Getting Bored During the MAT

One of the best characteristics of the Miller Analogies Test is that it is only 1 hour long. When compared to the three hours and forty five minutes it takes to complete the GRE, the Miller Analogies Test can seem like a breeze. However, you will have to answer 120 questions in that one hour, so in order to do well on the MAT it is essential to remain focused for the entire 60 minutes. Below you’ll find some strategies to use both before and during the test!

Choose a Test Date and Time that is Best for You

Take the test date into careful consideration. Try not to choose a week that you already know may be stressful, whether you have school, work, or social commitments to tend to.

Most MAT Testing Centers offer multiple time slots to register for the test. If you are freshest in the morning choose an early time. If you find mornings difficult be sure to schedule later in the day.

Avoid Getting Bored During the MAT 2

Get a Good Night Sleep and Eat Before the Test

Getting a solid sleep the night before test day can be easier said than done. To maximize your chances, be sure to stop any last minute studying by 8pm (if you do any at all). If you’re having a difficult time falling asleep try downloading a free sleep app designed to calm your mind. ‘Relax Melodies’ is a great app that is available for free on both IOS and Android.

Eat before the testing. This is gives your brain fuel and stops you from being distracted by a rumbling stomach. Some good choices are complex carbohydrates, like oatmeal or a brown rice stir fry, veggies, and lean proteins, such as fish, eggs, and nuts.

Prepare Testing Materials the Night Before

Be sure to bring two forms of ID. You must have at least one form of government issued photo identification like a drivers license or passport. You’re secondary form of ID can be a credit card, library card, or a utility bill with your first and last name and a matching address to your form of photo ID. If you are taking the test by paper bring two number two pencils as well. It’s best to have these items ready the night before testing so you are not stressed about finding them on test day.

Dress Well, Test Well

Some people feel more confident and motivated when their outfit is planned out and put together, while others are happier in sweatpants and a hoodie. Both are totally acceptable attire for test day, just remember to layer. No matter what the weather is like outside you may find the test room too hot or too cold. By wearing layers you can easily adjust to make yourself comfortable, so you’re not distracted by your shivering or sweating.

If you follow these steps to prepare w hen the test begins it will just be you and the analogies, with nothing else to distract you. Because the test is only 60 minutes long with 120 questions there is not much time to be bored. Good luck!

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