How Long Does the MAT Take?

The MAT is relatively short. Most graduate exams take around four hours to complete. The MAT takes 60 minutes if you are talking just the exam. You will have one hour total to complete 120 questions. Further, the MAT does not include breaks since it is such a short test. This makes test day rather streamlined. See below for a detailed answer to the question “How long does the MAT take?”

Testing Center Check-in: 15-20 minutes

Your MAT confirmation will advise you to arrive 15 minutes early. When I’ve taken exams like the GRE, the room was pretty busy, and I had to fill out a lengthy form (since they needed a paragraph rewritten to confirm I had read it). In comparison, the MAT has a smaller number of test takers. It took maybe 10 minutes for me to sign in, obtain a locker key, and pass a security check. Within 15 minutes, I was sitting at a computer.

Filling in Information: 5-10 minutes

Once at your computer, you will have to fill in or confirm your personal information. You will then be able to list up to three recipient schools for your score report. Take the time to check over the schools you select carefully; additional score reports cost $25 each, so you want to make sure you select the correct schools.

MAT Exam: 60 minutes

The actual test has a 60 minute time limit. There are no breaks built into the exam since it is so short. The MAT also does not have sections, so there are no in-between section breaks. Compared to other exams you have likely taken up to this point, the MAT feels dramatically shorter. Now, even though you might finish before your time is up, I advise using the entire 60 minutes.

Score Accept Screen: 5 minutes

Congratulations! You have completed the MAT. At this point, you will decide whether to accept your score or to select the “no score” option.

Check Out: 5-10 minutes

Once the test is completed, you will return to the front desk. They will give you a printout of your unofficial score. You can then empty your locker and return your key.


MAT Exam: 60 minutes

Forms/Check-in/Check-out: 30-45 minutes

Altogether, from the time you walk in until the time you walk out should clock in at under two hours.