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Graduate Schools that Accept the Miller Analogies Test

Hopefully, you have selected your graduate school based on your educational and career needs. It would be quite an error to select a school simply because it offered an exam that you preferred to take. All of the graduate exams can be studied for; if you feel like you can only do well on a particular exam, I assure you that it is possible to improve on any of them with proper study (we offer study prep for the GRE, GMAT, and others).

You should select the program that best fits your needs and sign up for whatever graduate exam they require. However, if you are simply curious about graduate schools that accept the Miller Analogies Test or maybe you have already taken this exam before (and you don’t want to take another exam), there is one option for locating possible graduate schools.

The MAT Test Center List

Currently, there is no database of schools sorted by the graduate exam they accept. But, typically, schools will offer testing in their centers for the exams they require (i.e. if a school offers the MAT, it probably accepts that exam). We can use this fact to our advantage by looking at the Pearson MAT testing center list.

There is a good chance that any school featured on this list will accept the MAT as a graduate exam. This means students can scroll through the list to see what schools are offering the exam. However, remember that this is a “work-around.” There is no reason to treat this list as exhaustive, and there are likely to be schools that accept the MAT which are missing from this list.

Also, remember that testing tends to be program specific. Just because a certain school offers MAT testing that does not mean it will be accepted for all of their programs. In most cases, only certain programs will rely on the Miller Analogies Test. Be sure to go to the actual school website, look up the program you are interested in, and confirm that they accept the MAT before you schedule the exam.

About Bertrand

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