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Full-length Miller Analogies Practice Tests

Full-length Miller Analogies practice tests are available from Pearson—the maker of the MAT—and test prep companies like Kaplan or Barron’s. When studying for the MAT, you really need to practice a large volume of analogies; you also need practice with pacing and the escalating difficulty of the MAT. Practice tests are the best way to accomplish these goals.

Official Practice Tests

You can purchase up to three official practice tests on the Pearson website. While these tests are more expensive than I would like to see ($30 each), they are—naturally—the closest thing available to the actual MAT. On the Miller Analogies exam, the difficulty increases after each set of 40 questions: #1-40 (easy), #41-80 (medium), and #81-120 (hard). The last 40 questions are the most difficult; not just because of the terms, but because of how tricky the relationships between terms can be. This “trickiness” is not always captured well enough on unofficial practice tests.

Pearson will provide you with the following score report. Further, you can continue to return to the practice tests even after they are completed. This makes them tremendously useful for continued practice and learning new terms.


Unofficial Practice Tests

Even if you were going to shell out the $90 to buy all three official practice tests, I would still advise buying a supplementary text like Kaplan or Barron’s. First, they are cheap texts that can be purchased for $15 or less. They also come with add-ons like vocabulary lists and strategy suggestions. But, most importantly, they come with seven or more practice tests that can be used as additional practice questions, providing many more opportunities to practice analogical thinking, question strategy, and pacing.


Although I think the official practice tests provide the most accurate prediction of your score, the unofficial practice tests—specifically the guides they are in—are the better overall purchase for all your study needs. If you could only afford one or the other, I would go with Barron’s or Kaplan over the official tests.

About Bertrand

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