Experimental Questions on the MAT

Of the 120 questions on the Miller Analogies Test only 100 will be scored. The 20 analogies that do not count toward your score are called “experimental questions.” Pearson includes these extra analogies to test them out and see if they could be valid for future MAT tests.  This post has everything you need to know about experimental questions on the MAT.

How do I know if a question is experimental?

You don’t, and that’s okay. Do your best on each analogy because there is no way of knowing if a question is experimental or not.

Does that mean I should answer every question?

MAT Experimental Questions Emoji 2It is in your best interest to attempt to answer each question on the MAT.

Only questions that you answer correctly effect your score. There is no penalty for getting a question wrong or skipping a question, so you may as well eliminate any answers you know are definitely wrong and choose your best guess.

If you leave a question blank you have no opportunity to get points, but if you make an educated guess you have a chance at bumping up your score. Should I consider the MAT a 100 or a 120 question test?

Consider the test 120 questions. When you think about it this way it allows you to budget your time most effectively and strive to get each analogy correct.

These extra questions make me mad, now my test is longer!

MAT Experimental Questions EmojiDon’t get angry about the test being longer because of the experimental questions.
In fact, you can use your knowledge about the inclusion of experimental questions to your advantage. If yo come across an analogy on the test that you simply cannot figure out approach it as an experimental question. Don’t allow that analogy to shake your confidence. Give the analogy your best guess, and then move on. Tell yourself that that analogy won’t make the cut for future tests. Though you don’t know whether or not this is true, it is possible. Approaching it this way allows you to leverage your knowledge about the experimental questions to give you a test-taking edge! 
MAT Experimental Question Emoji- magoosh