How to Cancel Your MAT Score

You will have the opportunity to cancel your MAT score at the end of your exam. This is referred to as the “no-score” option. You can read about it in-depth, along with other scoring information, on pg. 12 of the candidate information booklet.

How to cancel your MAT score

At the end of your MAT, you will be given an unofficial MAT scaled score.

For all intents and purposes, you can assume your official score will match your unofficial score; it’s possible for it to be slightly different, but it is unlikely. If you decide you do not want your score to be reported, you can choose the “no score option.”

The “no score option” will erase the unofficial score you have just received from your MAT history. You will instead be sent a blank score report, and Pearson will not send out transcripts to your schools.

Important note about canceling your MAT Score

It is important to understand that your score will be completely erased. Choosing the no-score option is an irrevocable choice. None of the information from that exam will be saved. It will be as if you had never taken it. Further, you will not receive any sort of refund. Before choosing this option, take a few moments to decide if it is the best course of action.

Also, some of you may be tempted to have your score report sent to you while cancelling your transcripts. Or you may not have selected schools at the time of the exam. However, if you allow an official score report to be sent to you, it becomes a part of your MAT history. This means that when you, presumably, take the exam again, this score will also be on your next score report and transcript for the next five years.

If you are unhappy with your score and do not want there to be any record of it, you must specifically choose the “no-score” option.