Best Miller Analogies Test Videos on YouTube

Best Miller Analogies Test Videos on YouTube

This blog is going to be a bit of a “bait and switch.” None of the Miller Analogies Test videos on YouTube should be described as “best” anything. I wish it was that simple. But it’s actually a bit worse than that: many of the top videos are connected to unnecessarily expensive test prep products . Read on to find out why that is.

The MAT is Low Cost

The MAT costs 1/2 to 1/3 of the average graduate school exam. The test materials by large well-known companies, like Kaplan or Barron’s, cost between $10-$17 brand new. This is an all around inexpensive exam, which is great for students.

The most popular videos on YouTube for the MAT were connected to companies selling study products that were 3 to 7 times more expensive than other MAT materials. In addition, some of the products they sold on Amazon had just a handful of reviews, and those appeared to be by paid reviewers. The layout of the sites also had that “infomercial” feel, using language like, “secrets MAT makers don’t want you to know” or “Ace the exam in just 7 days.”

All of this is highly suspicious.

Other videos that had incredibly enticing titles ended up just being minute long advertisements telling you to go to some other site where you can spend money.

Proceed with Caution…

I did occasionally see a video that was just discussing MAT strategy. However, it was pretty basic stuff that would be better explained in the free MAT Study Guide from Pearson (maker of the MAT).

Then there is the issue of there being another exam called the MAT: Management Aptitude Test. This appears to be a popular exam for students in other countries, and many of the videos that came up under “Miller Analogies Test,” were actually for the Management Aptitude Test.

Of course, it’s not possible for me to search all of YouTube, and you’re certainly welcome to search it yourself. But please be careful. It appears to me that some companies are taking advantage of the fact that the MAT is a lesser-known exam, and they are using that as a cover to create products solely to bilk students of their money.