Best MAT Book – Barron’s or Kaplan?

The best MAT Book is either Barrons or Kaplan. Though there are other guides out there, depending on your needs one or the other may be a better fit for you. Here you’ll find a breakdown of the two guides to help you decide which is the best MAT book for you!

Best MAT Book

Barrons: Best MAT Book for Practice Tests

If you are looking for as many practice tests as possible Barrons is the best choice for you. Barrons’ MAT Test book has a pretest and then 10 additional practice tests for you to work through. This guide also has helpful tips and vocabulary lists, but in comparison to Kaplan it gives less attention to strategies for each subject area and has a heavier focus on practice tests and practice test answer explanations.

Best MAT Book

Kaplan: Best MAT Book for Strategy

Kaplan’s MAT test book has a more in-depth breakdown of each type of analogy and each subject area tested on the Miller Analogies Test. If you’re looking for a more strategy focused test prep book Kaplan is a better fit for you. For instance, to help you solve analogies Kaplan teaches the “bridge method.” The “bridge method” gives you a framework to approach each analogy with, no matter the type.

The book even breaks down vocabulary by subject area so you can focus on areas where you feel you need more improvement. Each subject area on the exam has its own chapter complete with a chapter quiz at the end of each, to make sure you mastered the material. Kaplan features 6 practice tests and no pretest.

Both Barrons and Kaplan are excellent choices for MAT books. If you would like a bigger focus on practice tests Barrons is better for you, but if you’d like a stronger focus on strategy Kaplan is your best bet!