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    Martine loves making life easier for Magoosh Students! She taught Test Prep Courses for five years and thoroughly enjoyed helping her students demystify standardized testing and application processes. A Catholic University of America graduate with a B.A. in Media Studies, Martine went on to pursue a certificate in Clinical Nutrition and Holistic Health. She has a never-ending sense of adventure which has led her on treks through northern Thailand, explorations of natural thermal pools in Spain, and overnight safaris in the Thar Desert. When she is not traveling, she loves to read, cook, and attend concerts.

MAT Analogy Practice

MAT analogy practice is essential to Miller Analogies success! Today, we’ll work through a tough analogy and explain how we arrived at the correct answer! MAT Analogy Practice 1 HINDUISM :                                   :: CONFUCIANISM : TAOISM Jainism Christianity Judaism Shinto […]

Tips for Taking an MAT Practice Test

The best tips for taking an MAT practice test are firstly, to treat the practice test as if it is an actual Miller Analogies Test day, and secondly, to make use of the analogy explanations that accompany the answer key when you review your answers. This may sound counterintuitive — treating the practice test like an […]

What’s on the MAT?

The simple answer: there’s 120 analogies on the MAT. All of the questions are in the same format and there are no separate sections, like math. For wordsmiths, that’s good news! Read on to learn more about these analogous analogies and be like Hermione on your MAT! What types of Analogies are on the MAT? […]

Interpreting Your Miller Analogies Score Report

Good news: interpreting your Miller Analogies score report is not difficult! Your MAT score report will include your scaled score and percentile ranks. Both of these are determined from your raw score. Read on below to learn more about the information included in your report! Interpreting your Miller Analogies Score Report: Format The above image is […]

Preparing for the MAT

Preparing for the MAT involves familiarizing yourself with: the format, types of analogies, and studying vocabulary. Read on for some tips in each of these areas! MAT Format The Miller Analogies Test is 120 questions long and has a 60 minute time limit. Each question is the presented in the same format. All 120 questions […]

Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports

Obtaining official Miller Analogies score reports is done by mail. If taken electronically, a Preliminary Score Report will be displayed on the screen immediately after submitting the test. This is not an official report and still needs to be verified by Pearson, but it is typically accurate.   Obtaining Official Miller Analogies Score Reports by Mail Your […]

I Hate Miller Analogies. Help!

If your attitude towards the MAT is: “I hate Miller Analogies. Help!” I’m here to do just that! The test isn’t as bad as you think, I promise. Below you’ll find some MAT mental hacks and tested tips. Remember,  you can do it, you can do it! Remind Yourself of the Positives First off, your […]

MAT Tactics

Knowing a few MAT tactics can make the all the difference in your score. Read on the learn our top three tried and true tips to help you do your best on test day! MAT Tactics #1: Determine Which Pairs of Words are Related Simply put, try to decide whether the first and third term […]


The Army uses the MAT for ROTC to test future cadet’s critical thinking skills. In addition to the Miller Analogies Test, cadets also sit for the Collegiate Learning Assessment and the Cadet Development exam. These tests help to place cadets in their future regiment, branch, and component. Has the Army always used the MAT for […]

MAT Score for Arts and Humanities Programs

400 is the average MAT score for Arts and Humanities Programs. The lowest possible score on the MAT is 200. The highest possible score is a 600. This post will explain acceptable score ranges and the three types of scores that will be included in your score report! Do schools accept a lower MAT score […]