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    I am a professional Book Geek, a.k.a. librarian, and love to both learn and educate. Serving students of all ages and all stages--I live for the “Ah Ha!” moment. I am a reference librarian at the Alamogordo Public Library and am ready to answer questions at a moment’s notice; never be afraid to ask! Remember: when all else fails, go to the library!

Miller Analogies Scores for Social Science Programs

Miller Analogies Test scores for social science programs are the same as for other programs.  Your score on the MAT does not indicate that you are better suited for a particular degree over any other. The focus of the test is less on the area of study and more on the overall test performance. The […]

How to Study for the MAT

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a complex exam that looks simple but tells prospective schools a lot about your educational background, intelligence and problem solving skills.  In order to present your best scores, it’s important that you know how to study for the MAT. Timetable The time you have until you take the exam […]

Miller Analogies Word Lists

Words, words and more words!  The Miller Analogies Test examines your knowledge of a broad range of topics and while knowing the base concepts is important, it all culminates in your ability to recognize terms and their meanings.  The analogies presented in the exam require recognition of words but also an understanding of its corresponding […]

How to Study for the MAT in One Month

Uh oh, your graduate school application package is due soon so you can start the upcoming semester and you need to study for the MAT in one month! Don’t panic, here are some study tips you can follow even if you are swamped from the rest of your life.   Use What’s There   Don’t […]

MAT for Education Programs

If only there was an easy answer to the question of which exam is most accepted by graduate education programs.  It all comes down to the university to which you are applying and the individual program in the graduate school.   Application Process   The application process to graduate program vary by institution but there […]

MAT Scores

After all the preparation and hard work and the excitement of test day, it all comes down to the MAT scores. While the application process at most schools does not depend only on your reported test scores, the application package usually has several components, they are an important indicator of your success in graduate school. […]

Top 20 MAT Vocabulary Words

With 120 questions on the MAT exam and 4 terms to complete each question, it’s actually quite difficult to narrow down the possibilities to only 20 common MAT vocabulary words.  However, it is possible to take a look at sets of words that are in common with several graduate exams and those that indicate higher […]

Encoding and Decoding on the MAT

Thinking in Code Start thinking about super secret decoder rings from your snack box or one made with paper plates and a metal brad. Making and breaking codes can be as simple as these or as complex as high-level security algorithms that change every 30 seconds. The whole idea, though, is that the message is […]

MAT Test Day

Taking the MAT can be stressful enough;,  be sure that you are thoroughly prepared for the actual MAT test day so that you can focus on the content of the exam and not the logistics of preparation. The first thing is to make a study schedule that you can follow whether it is one week […]