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    I am a professional Book Geek, a.k.a. librarian, and love to both learn and educate. Serving students of all ages and all stages--I live for the “Ah Ha!” moment. I am a reference librarian at the Alamogordo Public Library and am ready to answer questions at a moment’s notice; never be afraid to ask! Remember: when all else fails, go to the library!

How many questions are on the MAT?

The short answer to how many questions there are on the MAT is 120. But there’s also more to take into consideration. The long answer The exam you will take presents 120 analogy questions for you to solve in 60 minutes.  These range across multiple subjects and represent 4 main types of relationships (though these […]

5 Hacks for the Miller Analogies Test

Here are some Miller Analogies Test hacks to maximize your score on the exam. Every little bit helps, so take note! 1. Know your resources There are myriad resources available for prospective test-takers, so use them!  From practice tests to vocabulary flashcards to analogy breakdowns, there are many things you can download for free online.  You can […]

Two Miller Analogies Test Secrets

It’s not telling a magician’s tricks or leaking top-secret intel but these two Miller Analogies Test secrets will help you master the exam and maximize your score. Miller Analogies Test Secret #1: Know your analogy Types While the Pearson Study Guide designates four types of analogies, each of those can be broken down into smaller […]

10 Top Tips for the Miller Analogies Test

Looking for Miller Analogies Test tips? You’ve come to the right place! Check out this post for our top 10 Miller Analogy tips for success on the MAT. Counting down from number 10…   Find the testing center nearest you. Pearson puts out a list but make sure you contact the school or testing center […]

MAT Study Guide

Preparing for the Miller Analogies Test can be daunting but, never fear, you have quite a few resources available to help! Official MAT Study Guide Pearson Assessments offers a short MAT study guide free for download in .pdf format.  The guide is very forthright and succinct.  It covers the structure of the analogies and a […]

Miller Analogies Test History

The Miller Analogies Test history involves a few changes in the test administration and scoring but the structure of the test has stayed relatively intact in the years it has been in circulation. The Beginning The Miller Analogies Test was developed over 50 years ago to test higher order thinking, which indicates intelligence, learning, and […]

Miller Analogies Test Fee

There’s no getting around it; you will have a Miller Analogies Test fee.  All standardized graduate school exams have a fee and you should make sure you are prepared for the cost of the testing site you have chosen. Choosing a location You will most likely choose a testing location that is nearest to you. […]

MAT Prep Class: Is it worth it?

Every student feels the money crunch when it comes to education.  Tuition, fees, books, and more add up and can feel like a burden.  With this thought in mind, the question may come up about an MAT Prep Class and whether it is worth taking to improve your scores. What can an MAT Prep class […]

Where to find free Miller Analogies test questions

It is important that you study for your MAT exam day.  There are many study helps you can purchase but factoring in the cost of the test as well as potential travel may bite into your budget more than you would like.  Here are some places to find free Miller Analogies Test questions. Your Local […]

Free Miller Analogies Resources

Want help studying but can’t afford a tutor?   First of all, you have the Magoosh MCAT Blog to use as a resource! (You’re here right now). You can also take a look at these other free Miller Analogies Resources. Analogy practice This website has several groups of practice analogies.  The bonus feature is […]