Acceptable Miller Analogies Test Score

400 is an acceptable Miller Analogies Test score. All Miller Analogy Test scores are scaled. The lowest possible score is a 200, while the highest possible score is 600. In this post you’ll learn everything you need to know about MAT scoring!

Why are MAT scores scaled?

At any given time there are multiple variations of the Miller Analogies Test which can vary slightly in difficulty. In order to compensate for these differences, Pearson converts your raw score (the number of questions you got right) to a common scale which is based on the performance of the current norm group.

Is the scaled score the only score on the report?

No. A percentile score will also appear on your report. The percentage represents the number of students in the norm group who you performed better than. If your percentile is 80% you got more questions correct than 80% of students in your norm group. Percentage points range from 1 to 99.

Who sees MAT scores?

Included in your test registration is one official score report for yourself, and three additional score reports to send to the schools you choose. You do not need to send the report to three schools. If you would like the send the report to more schools there is an additional fee.

How long does it take to receive Miller Analogy Test scores?

Immediately after completing the test you a Preliminary Score Report will appear on your screen. This report has not yet been verified by Pearson, so it may not be 100% accurate. Within 10-15 business days Pearson will mail your scores to you and the schools you specified.


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Is it possible to cancel MAT scores?

Yes. At any time during the test you can click the ‘Do Not Process This Score Button.’ If you choose this option your score will not be reported to any institution and there will be no record of you taking the test. You receive no refund for unprocessed scores.

Does every question on the Miller Analogies Test count?

No. 100 of the 120 questions count toward your score. 20 question are experimental. There is no way of knowing what questions are experimental, so give each question your best effort.

What is an above average score on the Miller Analogies Test?

Any score above 400 is considered above average. Scores between 500 and 600 are considered very rare.