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5 Best Resources for Last Minute MAT Prep

last minute MAT prep

If your choices for preparation are limited to a few days, or maybe just one, the following are the 5 best resources for last-minute MAT prep.

1. The MAT Official Guide

The MAT Official Guide  is a free resource that will give you an important overview of the MAT. Knowing how MAT questions are constructed will vastly improve your chances of answering the questions correctly. If you don’t understand how the questions work, you risk wasting time figuring it out on test day. The official guide also provides an overview of the different types of analogies and question answering strategies.

2. Magoosh MAT Flashcards

The Magoosh MAT flashcards are another free resource that you can use to prepare. 160 practice analogies will give you the chance to hone your skills; plus, looking up the terms you don’t know will count as additional study. Lastly, flashcards can be used anywhere. This is a convenient way to practice the strategies you learn in the official guide.

3. Official MAT Practice Test

The Official MAT practice tests are not free, but they are the best way to get realistic MAT experience. If you have at least one day, the MAT is a short exam: just 60 minutes. You can easily squeeze in one practice test and use it as an opportunity to get familiar with answering questions under pressure, skipping back and forth, and you can look up terms when you finish the exam.

4. Magoosh MAT Strategy

This blog on how to answer MAT questions represents one of the best strategies you can use when attempting to answer MAT questions. This is, again, a strategy you should practice as much as possible on flashcards or actual practice tests.

5. Kaplan or Barron’s

“Last minute” can mean different things. If tomorrow is the day of the exam, then you will want to stick to the first four resources on this list. If “last minute” for you is a couple of days, then getting a hold of Kaplan or Barron’s MAT guide makes sense. Barron’s actually has a Kindle version. Both are quite cheap. You won’t be able to use the full guide; however, you could make use of one of their subject lists which discuss common MAT questions under different topics (i.e. biology, math, history, etc.).

I suggest picking a list in your worst area and doing a little “cram” memorization with flashcards. You might only get an extra 1-2 questions right for doing this but that’s huge on the MAT. If you are weak in everything, I would advise looking at the math or geometry lists. These are often quick facts to memorize (how many sides in a pentagon?), and there will definitely be a handful on the MAT.

Best of luck!

About Bertrand

Bertrand is a remote tutor and a MAT blogger for Magoosh. He received a B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University and studied education theory at Rutgers Graduate School of Education. He has been studying and working in education since 2010. Born and raised in New Jersey, he now resides in Philadelphia. When he isn’t helping students study or writing blogs for Magoosh, he spends his time practicing mixed martial arts and reading as much as his schedule permits.

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