20 More MAT Vocabulary Words

MAT Vocabulary Words

Test-taking tips and strategies are great but won’t be much help if you don’t know the words making up the analogy.  A wide-ranging vocabulary indicates a depth of knowledge for a variety of subjects.  I touched on this in Top 20 MAT Vocabulary Words previously.  But the choices are limitless.  Here are 20 more MAT vocabulary words to help you in your endeavor.

20 More MAT Vocabulary Words


Adumbrate (v): to partially outline a plan; vaguely foreshadow (With our limited time all we could do was adumbrate the process and hope for the best.)

Blandishment (n): flattering comments (No matter the blandishments, Howard refused to sing in the school talent show.)

Chary (adj): cautious (Lack of banking knowledge makes for a chary investor.)

Discomfit (v): to make someone else confused or upset (His suggestive comments were designed to discomfit the new employee.)

Extant (adj): still in existence; not lost (The explorers were thrilled to find that the village, though cut off from communication, was extant.)

Feign (v): to pretend to feel something (Sharon was determined to feign surprise although she knew about the secret birthday party.)

Gratuitous (adj): not necessary or appropriate (Many parents lament the gratuitous coarse language in current movies.)

Harrow (v): pillage or plunder; also to distress (Hearkening back to his Viking ancestors, the large man decided to harrow the neighbors when he was upset.)

Incursion (n): sudden attack into an area controlled by the enemy (The incursion was planned well in advance and kept secret from other troops.)

Jingoism (n): belief that one’s own country is right and aggressive actions against others is acceptable (Jingoism is the basis for many terrorist attacks.)

Knell (v): to ring for death; to make an ominous sound (The bellringer was charged to knell every evening for a week after the minister’s death.)

Meretricious (adj): gaudy, falsely attractive (Many teenagers are fooled by meretricious visions of the celebrity lifestyle.)

Nostrum (n): suggested solution that probably will not work (Bob was reluctant to exercise and the nostrum he proposed seemed unlikely to help.)

Obdurate (adj): refusing to change the way you do something (The contractor was very confident in his skills and was very obdurate when it came to changing plans.)

Parsimonious (adj): unwilling to spend money (Although parsimonious during the year, Mom was always very generous at Christmas.)

Querulous (adj): complaining in an irritated manner (It is a challenge to go grocery shopping with a querulous toddler.)

Sinecure (n): job in which someone is paid to do little or no work (The manager’s position seemed a complete sinecure since the lower level employees did all the work.)

Tacit (adj): understood without direct explanation (There was tacit understanding between the teammates who had worked together for so long.)

Vagary (n): an erratic unpredictable action or thought (Trying to follow the elderly lady’s vagary was difficult when trying to interpret her meaning.)

Uxorial (adj): relating to a wife (The bachelor thought long and hard about the uxorial qualities he desired before starting to date.)


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