When Should I Not Request Handscoring on the LSAT?

Our last post covered circumstances that warrant handscoring on the LSAT – having a person review your answer sheet, instead of a machine. While there are some valid situations that call for handscoring, there are also some that don’t. Keep in mind that LSAC won’t turn down your request for handscoring, even when it’s clear based on the reasons you provide that your score won’t change – they’ll accept your request and your required payment, and they’ll go through with having a person review your answer sheet. But that doesn’t mean that your score will improve as a result.
The below list outlines three circumstances for which you can save yourself the time, energy, and money associated with requesting handscoring.
You made mistakes transferring your answers from your test booklet to your answer sheet. Even if you circled the correct answer choice in your booklet and ended up marking the answer sheet incorrectly, the person scoring your test will only look at your answer sheet. Your test booklet will not be reviewed. When preparing for the LSAT with practice tests, there’s a strong case for bubbling in answers directly on your answer sheet, rather than marking them first in your test booklet. There will be less chance for transferring errors!
You clearly marked two answers for the same question. Maybe you tried to erase one of the bubbles, but it’s still so unambiguously marked that you’ve clearly given two answers for a question. In this case, handscoring will not help you. Make sure you erase answers fully.
You didn’t clearly fill in a bubble. The instructions in your test booklet show you how to clearly mark your answer sheet, and LSAC requires test takers to follow those guidelines for filling in bubbles. If you don’t clearly fill in your answer sheet, the person scoring your test won’t be able to give you back points. Make it a habit to mark your answers completely when taking practice tests.

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