What Should I Bring to the LSAT?

The list of materials that you should bring on the day of your official LSAT can be divided into three categories: items you must bring, items you may have on your desk, and items you may bring into the room.

Items you must bring

  1. The first page of your LSAT Admission Ticket. Read pages 2-5 before you go to the test center, but do not bring them into the test with you.
  2. Valid, government-issued photo ID
  3. A few sharpened No. 2 or HB wood pencils. Mechanical pencils are not allowed.
  4. If you are taking the February 2016 LSAT, bring 1 recent passport-type photograph. If you are taking the exam in June 2016 or later, this photo will be included on your admission ticket.


Items you may have on your desk

  1. All of the required items
  2. Erasers
  3. Pencil sharpener
  4. Highlighter
  5. Analog wristwatch
  6. Tissues


Items you may have in the test room

All of these items must be kept in a clear, plastic ziplock bag (provided by you) that is no larger than 1 gallon, and the items must fit in such a way that the bag can be sealed completely.

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  1. Wallet
  2. Keys
  3. Medical products
  4. Feminine hygiene products
  5. Beverage in a plastic container or juice box, no larger than 20 oz
  6. Snack(s)

Your ziplock bag must be stored under your chair during the test, and you will only be allowed to access it during the break.

If you’d like to read more about the items you can bring on test day, check out LSAC’s pages for those taking the exam in February 2016 and for those taking the exam in June 2016 or later.

Prohibited items

It would take quite a long time to compile an exhaustive list of prohibited items. Basically, if it’s not listed above, it’s not allowed. However, here’s a list of some of the most common items that students bring to the test center only to find out they are prohibited:

  1. Electronic/digital timers or watches
  2. Fitness tracking devices (don’t wear your Fitbit!)
  3. Cell phones
  4. Calculators (you don’t need one!)
  5. Papers of any kind (other than the first page of your Admission Ticket)
  6. Pens (you can’t use them, even on the Writing Sample)
  7. Hats (you won’t be allowed to wear one)
  8. Earplugs (you won’t be allowed to wear these either)
  9. And my personal favorite: no weapons! Sorry folks, but the Second Amendment doesn’t apply in the testing room. But on the bright side, if you score well enough and get accepted into law school, maybe you’ll learn why!

    For a more complete list of items prohibited on test day, check out the LSAC website.

    Otherwise, this concludes our lesson on what to bring to the LSAT. Best of luck on test day!

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