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What are the Best LSAT Prep Books?

Here’s a list of the best LSAT prep books to buy if you’re planning on self-studying for the exam.

For Timed Practice Tests

10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

  • This is the most recent set of real LSATs released by LSAC, all containing Comparative Reading questions and half with the new, more spacious Logic Games page layout.
  • Save these tests for full-length, timed practice tests


For Timed Practice Sections

10 New Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests with Comparative Reading

  • This is the 2nd most recent set of real LSATs released by LSAC, all containing Comparative Reading questions, but none with the new Logic Games page layout


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The Official LSAT PrepTests 72-77

  • These are the 6 most recently administered LSATs. They aren’t available in a compilation yet, so they must be purchased individually. That’s a bit pricier, but these are the only other real PrepTests available that contain both Comparative Reading and the new Logic Games page layout.
  • If the cost of these is prohibitive, skip them and buy the book listed immediately below instead.


The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

  • These are real LSATs administered between 1999 and 2002. They don’t contain Comparative Reading questions or the new Logic Games page layout, but they provide plenty of other high quality practice questions for those that need more material.

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For Untimed, Focused Practice

The Official LSAT SuperPrep (Volume I)

  • This book contains 3 full-length LSATs that are not in any of the 10 Actual, Official PrepTests volumes. It also includes detailed answer explanations for every question, sample Comparative Reading questions, and a guide to LSAT logic.
  • Volume II of this series is a great resource, but the 3 included LSATs are duplicates of one included in 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V.


10 More Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests

  • These are both collections of older LSATs. They are excellent practice for all 3 sections, but they will not contain Comparative Reading questions and you will see a higher incidence of unusual Logic Games types that haven’t appeared as frequently in recent years.


The PowerScore Bibles

  • These books have highly detailed strategies for every question type you’ll see on the LSAT. This is great for people who are committed to learning every nuance of the exam.
  • The PowerScore Bibles have a tendency to elaborate on every possible arrangement of questions, which can be overwhelming at times. If you’re looking for a simple approach to the exam, this is probably not it.
  • The Bibles contain questions pulled from official LSAT PrepTests, so you will see problems here that will also appear in the books listed above.

Cambridge LSAT Drilling Workbooks

  • These workbooks contain only real LSAT questions, broken up by type and by section. These are ideal for students who know what question types they need to work on and want to drill them intensively.
  • Caution: the questions in these books are taken directly from the official LSAT PrepTests, which means they will be duplicates of those found in the Actual, Official books listed above. Thus, you should choose carefully which volumes of each series you purchase.


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